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Concrete Swimming Pools – The Perfect Summer Retreat

Swimming pools are as summer as corn on the cob and popsicles. But these quintessential icons of summer time can be difficult to maintain and care for. Which pool should you get?

When most people think of going swimming, the first thing they think of is an in-ground concrete swimming pool. By far, these pools are the best. There are many advantages to in-ground concrete pools. What are they?

Curb Appeal

The first is purely aesthetics. Above ground pools are incredibly unsightly. The pools themselves are large and can be real eye-sores. They also often have a lot of exposed piping and tubing. They also often have large, unsightly ladders or decks that surround them.

Concrete pools have none of these issues. Since they’re in the ground, they don’t block line of sight. They also don’t have separate decking or piping sticking out. They also don’t spill out into the yard around the pool, and so they don’t damage the yard that surrounds them.

Concrete Swimming Pool


Another area where above ground pools can be a pain is maintenance.  Pools often require cleaning. Above ground pools can be difficult to get cleaning tools into. They can be even more difficult to maneuver the tools around in.

In ground concrete swimming pools provide much easier access. The tools are simply dropped in from the pools side. The tools can be easily maneuvered from any point on the edge of the pool, rather than from just one spot on a ladder deck.

Interior Surface

The interior surface of above ground pools is often a pool liner with very little solid backing. Above ground pools often have a simple frame that uses surface tension to keep them taught. However, these surfaces can be easily torn or, worse, ruptured. The surfaces can also be uncomfortable to the touch. They be difficult to get a grip on while walking along the floor of the pool.

Concrete pools tend to be much more comfortable to use. There is no worry about leaning against the side of the pool. The sides are not easily ruptured. The interior surface is more level, and much more comfortable to the tough for those who are swimming in the pool.

Ease Of Access

Above ground pools are not typically very friendly for those with disabilities or health issues to access. Their raised nature mean that one must climb up, to get in. And then back down when getting out. And since this access is not assisted by the buoyancy of being in water, they can be especially difficult. Those with health problems may even find it impossible to get into or out of an above ground pool.

Again, in ground concrete pools really shine in this regard. They allow the swimmers to easily get to the edge of the pool without any other issues. They feature steps that allow for a more natural experience than ladders do. And the buoyancy of the water helps swimmers who have health issues.

If you’re contemplating a pool, a concrete pool is a much better option. Hire the professional Brisbane concrete pool builders to make a great one for you. The reasons, such as ease of access, a more comfortable experience, a higher value, and fewer repair expenses make the expense well worth it!

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